"It worked! I just returned from a 2 week trip with just a carry-on bag!"

Lisa B.

What’s Your Ratio?

I had an aha! moment when I was a guest on CNN. The host asked me what my ratio was and I automatically said: three to one. A ratio, when it comes to packing, is the number of tops you pack per every bottom; I pack three tops to every bottom. For most trips, I …

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Laundry On The Go

The answer to packing light: pack for a week and do laundry. Whether I’m traveling for one week or a month, I pack the same amount of clothes. This not only makes it easier to pack light, it saves on baggage fees as well. My secret? I turn a Ziploc® bag into a travel washing …

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postcards from Anne McAlpin

Postcard Travel Journals

If packing a travel journal & taking time every day to write down your adventures sounds overwhelming, here’s my secret: Postcard Travel Journals. My inspiration: For years as I was traveling the world, my mother continually gave me travel journals as gifts – reminding me to take time to write down all my amazing experiences. …

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Travel Safe

Travel Safe

You don’t want to worry about personal security when you’re traveling, but it’s hard to avoid. Few things ruin a trip quite like having your money and ID lost or stolen. But how do you avoid letting security concerns overwhelm your enjoyment of your trip? Here’s some advice from years of travel experience. #1 If the …

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